Products & Services
by Plant Scapes
Corporate Atrium: 25' trees wrapped with mini lights
Terrace plantings changed seasonally.
Lobby Plants create a welcoming reception
Office plants designed for unobstructed views
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Business & Residential Horticultural Services
Serving Fairfield & Westchester Counties
Guaranteed Satisfaction     Since 1979
Plant Scapes  203 831-8616

  • Plants:  selected to compliment your decor, lighting and traffic patterns.
  • Decorative Containers:  choices for every budget and decor style.
  • Flowering Plants:  selected to enhance specific areas.
  • Coordination with your Designer or Architect.

  • Tropical Foliage Plants
  • Flowering Plants
  • Decorative Containers
  • Holiday Plants and Products
  • Colorful Deck & Terrace Plantings for Spring, Summer & Fall

  • Showroom-shiny plants:  Horticulturally prepared for their arrival.
  • Delivery:  specialized transportation and handling techniques.
  • Installed:  accurately placed in their designated locations.

Maintenance: (weekly visits assure healthy plants)
  • Watering:  correct amount of water applied at each visit.
  • Pruning for aesthetics
  • Trimming/Removal of all dead or decaying leaves
  • Regular Cleaning, Dusting & Fertilizing
  • Insect & Disease diagnostics + treatment
  • Rotate plants to promote even growth
  • Replacement of diminished plants

Holiday Decoration: (Interior + Exterior)
  • Poinsettias
  • Wreaths, Trees, Roping, Lighting
  • Specialties

Additional Services:
  • Emergency Plant Care
  • Vacation Plant-Sitting
  • Horticultural "Blitz" (complete maintenance in one visit)
  • Spring Summer & Fall Plantings
12' tall Ponytail Palm  Private Residence